Dr. Muhammad. Abbas Bhatti

Pride of Performance

It is my privilege to serve as Principal to prestigious Imran Idrees College of Pharmacy at amicable location of Sialkot city. Imran Idrees College of Pharmacy is affiliated with University of the Punjab, Lahore and one of the leading institutes which plays a pivotal role in the development and advancement of Pharmacy professionals by educating them with quality education without gender discrimination. The college lays great emphasis on the quality of teaching and continue update teaching methodologies with traditional style. Our attention is to provide ample opportunities to become a successful pharmacist through modern electronic technology like air conditioned/sound proof lecture halls, state-of the art laboratories equipped with modern instruments, computerised digital library that explore to meet the challenges related to nation and all over the world.
I welcome the students to IICP with the hope that the time a student spends with us will be an excellent educational experience for his illuminated future.

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